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日期: 2024年4月17日

地点: Shanghai, CN

公司名: AkzoNobel

阿克苏诺贝尔始终致力于提供可持续的、创新的油漆和涂料,满足客户所在社区和环境对可持续发展日益增长的需求。阿克苏诺贝尔旗下品牌阵容鼎盛,拥有多乐士(Dulux)、国际(International)、新劲(Sikkens)、 Interpon等著名品牌,在全球广受信赖。阿克苏诺贝尔致力于成为全球行业领导者,足迹已遍及世界150多个国家与地区。作为行业领先的涂料公司,阿克苏诺贝尔坚定地为实现科学碳目标而努力,并采取切实行动应对全球范围内的挑战,为下一代构建一个更宜居的未来。


Job Purpose

To develop, prepare, execute and analyze research elements (e.g. problems, questions,

ideas) in own discipline and develop new and improve existing research methodology, in

line with the R&D strategy, project and R&D functional standards, in order to gain insight

into new developments and contribute to the realization of objectives of research/development/support projects.

Carry out all work in the technical plan in accordance with AkzoNobel HSE requirements, eg daily housekeeping and raw materials & samples storage

Key Accountabilities

  • Developing products / formulations

Applies design formulation fundamentals, experimental & statistical design and manufacturing principles, to develop a (part of a) product/technology that fulfills specified requirements (incl. cost and complexity reduction)

  • Collecting and analyzing data

Creates plans to collect/use available data and data sources/systems that will improve decision making and efficiency for own experimentation

  • Developing new solutions

Gathers and uses available trends, information and technological leads to provide ideas to develop existing and new designs, solutions, methods and products in own scope

  • Improve performance

Resolves critical and limiting factors in own function; drives roll-out of improvement solutions by using appropriate methods

Key Activities

  • Identifying issues and root cause

Gathers relevant information about (potential) issues by analyzing data and patterns; prioritizes issues to identify root cause

  • Applying techniques, methodology and tools

Looks for and implements relevant existing techniques and methodology to test/improve products/technologies

  • Implementing solutions

Pursues and evaluates alternative solutions, determining the most appropriate; implements solutions based on advanced knowledge of standard practices and previous experiences

  • IP submission and protection
  • Keep the secret of knowhow
  • Guidance of technicians and specialists


Technical educational in relevant field, e.g. chemistry, chemical technology, polymer science and engineering etc.

  • Prefer the experience on coil coating development
  • Conducts a significant level of formulation or technical work (in the lab) as defined in the project plan, guides technicians and specialists in executing experiments
  • Asks appropriate questions to clarify requirements, expectations and critical performance parameters
  • Documents (lab) results, visits, etc. through appropriate reporting systems
  • Is familiar with and applies relevant experimental, development and/or analytical approaches and techniques
  • Typically 3-5 years of relevant experience with Bachelor’s Degree, or

    Typically 1-3 years of relevant experience with Master’s Degree, or

    Typically 0-2 years of relevant experience with PhD

在阿克苏诺贝尔,我们高度致力于确保包容和尊重的工作场所,让所有员工都能成为最好的自己。 我们坚持包容发展,拥抱多样性。我们招聘流程在这一旅程中发挥着不可或缺的作用,为多元化环境奠定基础。 因此,我们对无意识偏见进行培训和教育,帮助提升招聘团队和用人经理认识到它的影响,并适时采取纠正措施。 在我们的组织中,所有合格的申请者都将获得平等的工作机会,而不会考虑种族、肤色、宗教、性别、性取向、性别认同、国籍、年龄或残疾与否。

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